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This week brings you an in depth look at QuickMail 3.0, CE’s latest and greatest release of its popular email program. We also have a short review of Links Pro, for the golf fans out there, a look at some of the issues surrounding fat binary programs, and a recollection of Kai Krause’s demo at Macworld Boston, complete with lots of links to interesting and related Internet sites.

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The second edition of my Internet Starter Kit for Macintosh is now available. It's significantly different from the first edition (a larger disk with an installer, and approximately twice as much actual text, although the appendices are smaller) and I'm still working on a change list

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Bounce of the Week

Bounce of the Week -- Every now and then you get a sign that lets you know that creativity is not dead, even among those who write mailer error messages

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Kai at Macworld Expo

I joined a packed auditorium at Macworld Expo in Boston to see Kai Krause demonstrate some of the graphic art tools from HSC. Though his presentation was nominally for graphics professionals and hobbyists who create images with tools like Photoshop, I suspect others attended for the same reason I did - to see Kai give one of his legendarily enthusiastic demos and see some fantastic images, some of which you can see by looking on the Internet as well. Some of Kai's tips and tricks are also available on the Web at: KPT Bryce -- Although I'll probably never use any of Kai's tools myself, seeing Kai use them to make cool images rated as one of my favorite parts of Macworld

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QuickMail 3.0 In Depth

Director of Technical Services, Baka Industries Inc. In TidBITS-237 we reported on CE Software's introduction of QuickMail 3.0, a new version of CE's popular LAN email software with lots of new features on the client end