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Jonathan Hue concludes his firewalls article from last week, we report on another expiring program, and discover a new source of Internet provider information. Mark Anbinder looks at a potentially dangerous bug in older Hard Disk ToolKit versions; Apple gives Cool Tools Awards to eleven worthy individuals and organizations; and David Herren offers help on using System 7.5 with the Chinese or Japanese Language Kits (and a tip on System 7.5 installations).

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"A" is for "Expire"

"A" is for "Expire" -- Bill Fleischmann reports that yet another company whose name starts with "A" has announced a problem with a shipping commercial program expiring

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POCIA Directory

Paul Celestin writes: The Providers of Commercial Internet Access (POCIA) Directory contains hundreds of entries for Internet providers, which include addresses, telephone numbers, email addresses, and pricing

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RSI Redux

RSI Redux -- A recent experience reminded me of my repetitive stress injuries. I participated in a Wired online conference on America Online, and after typing rapidly for an hour, my left hand hurt for several days, so much that I wore my wrist brace in bed for a few nights

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Need more toner?

Need more toner? Apple has introduced the LaserWriter Pro 810 Extended Capacity Toner Cartridge (item M3602G/A) to replace that printer's original cartridge, offering smaller toner particles, improvements in the charging area, and longer page life

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New versions of Quicken

New versions of Quicken -- Quicken 5.0 for Macintosh should be available on shelves on 13-Oct-94. New features noted in the Intuit propaganda include a Financial Calendar, which helps with entering repetitive expenses and scheduling recurring transactions, such as computer loans and car payments

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Apple Cool Tools Awards

Some time ago, I was telling my grandfather about TidBITS and my books and all the stuff I do on the nets, and he asked, "So is Apple paying you for this?" I admit, I was a bit taken aback

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System 7.5 & Language Kits

Despite reports, we have been happily using the Japanese and Chinese Language Kits, as well as Arabic, Cyrillic, and Hebrew with System 7.5. To make them to work for you: Install a clean version of 7.5

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Older Hard Disk ToolKit Driver Buggy

Users of hard disks and removable cartridge drives with FWB's Hard Disk ToolKit (HDT) driver software version 1.3.1 or earlier should be aware of a potential data loss problem while using disk optimization software or other programs that move or access data in chunks larger than 32 MB

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Firewalls, Part II

In Part II of our article on firewalls, we look at some of the most popular Macintosh Internet applications and describe a few of the ways you can make them work from behind a firewall