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This is the week of new software! Apple releases QuickTime VR to the world for free, plus Mark Anbinder takes a look at both WordPerfect 3.5 and a new release of SoftArc’s FirstClass Client. Adam reports on the highlights of last week’s Mactivity conference in San Jose, plus info on new version of Apple’s CD-ROM software, new incomprehensibly numbered Performa models, and a historical follow-up to Tonya’s two-part review of FullWrite 2.0.

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Open Mouth, Insert MacPPP

Open Mouth, Insert MacPPP -- Our short deadline bit us last week. We published Orren Merton's note about Open Transport problems in which he noted originally that MacPPP 2.1.1SD included some fixes for problems that MacPPP has with Open Transport

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More Performas Introduced

More Performas Introduced -- Last week Apple announced a series of new Performa computers, including the 5200-series and 6200-series (each based on the PowerPC 603 processor), the Performa 640CD DOS Compatible, new 630- and 6100-series machines, and the MPEG (Motion Picture Experts Group) Media System (basically an MPEG add-in board for the 630-, 5200-, and 6200-series systems that ships with a set of MPEG CD-ROM titles)

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FullWrite Follow-up

A few people wrote in to correct what I wrote about FullWrite's beginnings in TidBITS-284. Leonard Rosenthol said, "FullWrite started life at Ann Arbor Softworks, the same company that was the first to try (and succeed) in competing with MacPaint with their wonderful FullPaint product

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Mactivity Report

I attended Mactivity in San Jose last week and came away with a good feeling about the Mac's role in networks and specifically in the Internet. Desktop publishing certainly gets credit as the application that put the Macintosh on the map, but in many ways, the Mac's networking capabilities are more impressive