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Wondering about the best way to connect a few Macs to share files, a printer, or an Internet connection? Keep reading for Adam’s notes on creating a basic Ethernet network. Also this week, Matt Neuburg explains why Conflict Catcher 8 has become his extension manager of choice, and we have news of an Internet Explorer security patch; Apple’s iMac Update 1.0; and new versions of Anarchie Pro 3.0, Retrospect 4.1, DoorStop 1.0, Mailsmith 1.1, and SpeedDoubler 8.1.1.

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Retrospect 4.1 Backs Up Via FTP

Retrospect 4.1 Backs Up Via FTP -- Dantz Development today announced Retrospect 4.1, the latest version of their powerful backup software. The most important new feature, support for Internet backup sets, enables Retrospect to back up to remote FTP servers over the Internet; it's ideal for iMac users

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iMac Update 1.0 Tweaks USB

iMac Update 1.0 Tweaks USB -- Apple has released the first software updates for the Bondi blue boxes. The first, a new CCL modem script, forces the iMac's internal modem to connect using 33.6 Kbps or slower speeds, possibly alleviating connection problems on noisy phone lines when the modem tries to connect at 56 Kbps

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Stairways Releases Anarchie Pro 3.0

Stairways Releases Anarchie Pro 3.0 -- Stairways Software has released Anarchie Pro 3.0, the latest version of the widely used file transfer program. Anarchie Pro 3.0 now sports HTTP download capabilities including a snappy Finder-like view of links in Web pages and the capability to download Web sites for offline browsing or authoring

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DoorStop 1.0 Released

DoorStop 1.0 Released -- Open Door Networks has released DoorStop 1.0, a software-based firewall that promises to improve security on Macintosh-based Internet servers, particularly those providing AppleShare-over-IP services via Open Door's ShareWay IP

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Mailsmith 1.1 Released

Mailsmith 1.1 Released -- Bare Bones Software has released Mailsmith 1.1, a free update to the new email client. Mailsmith 1.1 sports significant performance improvements to the underlying database engine, more efficient use of space within the database, enhanced enclosure handling, user-defined labels, contextual menu support, a new Make Filter command for quick filter creation, optional nickname auto-completion, and mailbox maintenance tools

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Creating a Simple Ethernet Network

Recently in TidBITS, I've been writing about connecting peripherals to the iMac, since it lacks serial, ADB, and SCSI ports. What the iMac does have, though, is built-in 10/100Base-T Ethernet, which is useful for connecting to Macs and Ethernet-capable printers