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If you do significant spreadsheet work, chances are you’re using Microsoft Excel. This week, Matt Neuburg looks at Excel 2001 with an eye toward how it has changed and if it’s worth upgrading. Also, we unveil the TidBITS Handheld Edition for AvantGo and other handheld users who want Mac news on the go, Adam updates the TidBITS AutoCorrect Dictionary, and we note the releases of Keep It Up 2.4, PowerMail 3.0.6, SoundJam 2.5.2, Mailsmith 1.1.6, and BBEdit 6.0.1.

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BBEdit 6.0.1 Update Released

BBEdit 6.0.1 Update Released -- Bare Bones Software has released BBEdit 6.0.1, updating the company's widely used text editor and HTML authoring program (see "BBEdit 6.0 Improves Powerful Text Editing" in TidBITS-547)

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SoundJam 2.5.2 Fixes Bugs, Goes Carbon

SoundJam 2.5.2 Fixes Bugs, Goes Carbon -- Casady & Greene has released SoundJam MP Plus and SoundJam MP Free 2.5.2, which reportedly fix "some minor issues in previous versions" that apparently weren't significant enough to list

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Poll Results: Bandwidth Is Good

Poll Results: Bandwidth Is Good -- The results of last week's poll, which asked about the speed of Internet connections you regularly use at home or work, showed major spikes for the 33.6 to 56 Kbps (35 percent of respondents) and 1.5 to 5 Mbps (34 percent) answers

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TidBITS AutoCorrect Dictionary Tips

Since I released the TidBITS AutoCorrect Dictionary for Eudora (see “An ATypoKill Eudora Hack” in TidBITS-546), several people submitted corrections that prompted me to do additional cleanup. So, if you download a new version of…

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AutoSyncing TidBITS Handheld Edition via AvantGo

Back in TidBITS-523 we noted that David Charlesworth was maintaining specially constructed Web pages to facilitate reading TidBITS on Palm OS-based handhelds and other mobile devices via AvantGo's offline Web browser. David has earned our eternal gratitude for his volunteer service over these months, and we're now pleased to announce that we've created - with his assistance - the TidBITS Handheld Edition, a much-improved edition of TidBITS for reading on Palm OS handhelds and other small-screen mobile devices

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Excel 2001: Expensive Excellence

It feels odd to start a review by referring to a past article, but quite simply, what I said in my review of Excel 98 still goes: Microsoft Excel, the mighty and venerable spreadsheet program, is completely mature, so it isn't surprising that, in the Office 2001 version, Microsoft has meddled with it very little