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Frustrated by task-management tools? Matt Neuburg reviews Sciral’s Consistency, which brings a new approach to managing tasks that lack specific schedules or strict deadlines. Also this week, anyone thinking about marketing software should read Mike Diegel’s behind-the-scenes look at what’s necessary. Jeff Carlson compares four iPod cases, and we note the releases of iCal, Watson 1.5.5, Font Reserve 3.1, BBEdit 6.5.3, and QuicKeys X 1.5.3.

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Font Reserve 3.1 Released

Font Reserve 3.1 Released -- When Font Reserve 3.0 was released as DiamondSoft's first attempt on the Mac OS X fortress, it couldn't handle Mac OS X fonts, such as .dfonts, .otfs, and Windows .ttfs - rather a serious limitation for a font management utility

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Making a Case for iPod Cases

Apple took a lot of flak from many people - including me - about the iPod's initial high price of $400. Although the snazzy MP3 player was certainly well designed, other devices, such as the Archos Jukebox, boasted more storage and lower prices

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Marketing Software, Part 1

So you've built what you think is a great application. All your Mac-using friends think it's cool. Your beta testers tell you that it works. All you've got to do now is post it to VersionTracker and and you can quit your day job, right? Don't do it