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Examining Maps in the Wake of Tim Cook’s Apology

After a week of non-stop criticism of the new Maps app in iOS 6, Apple CEO Tim Cook has posted a public apology on Apple’s Web site. Adam Engst examines the situation. Show full article

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Solving iOS 6 Battery Drain Problems

After updating to iOS 6, Adam Engst’s iPhone 4’s battery life dropped precipitously, and worse, the problem moved to his new iPhone 5 once he restored the iPhone 4’s settings to it. Read on for his solution, but beware, it was a bit of an ordeal, and you might not like what you have to do.Show full article

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What’s Behind Mysterious Cellular Data Usage in iOS 6?

People are reporting that their iPhones are sucking down massive amounts of data over cellular networks for unknown causes. Apple’s Podcasts app was suspected first, and while it is problematic, it also doesn’t seem to be the entire story. What is chewing up data and racking up big cellular bills?Show full article

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Mysterious iOS 6 Cellular Data Usage: A Deeper Look

The tales of unwanted cell data usage in iOS 6 grow ever more numerous and ever more alarming. Even though we can’t put our finger on a single cause, the problem is plainly all too real, and, for some users, all too costly.Show full article

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iOS 6.0.1 Fixes Bugs, but Does It Prevent Excessive Data Usage?

The iOS 6.0.1 update fixes several connectivity bugs and adds over-the-air update capability to the iPhone 5, which requires a separate updater.Show full article

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Public Radio Group Finds iOS 6.0 Streaming Bandwidth Bug

Another clue pointing to the cause of unusual bandwidth usage in iOS 6 comes from a public radio organization’s sleuthing, but aspects of the mystery still remain.Show full article

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Track Per-App Data Usage in iOS with DataMan Pro

Apple has finally allowed the DataMan Pro usage tracking app back into the App Store, so if you’re experiencing unexpected amounts of cellular data usage on your iOS device, you can now track down the apps or processes at fault.Show full article

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iOS 6.0.2 Squashes Unspecified Wi-Fi Bug in iPhone 5 and iPad mini

Prepared solely for the iPhone 5 and iPad mini, the iOS 6.0.2 update hopefully improves Wi-Fi connections.Show full article

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VidBITS: Ways that Apple Could Improve iOS

Watch (or listen to) the latest TidBITS staff roundtable to get our not-so-humble opinions about ways that Apple could improve iOS.Show full article

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iOS 6.1 Expands Global LTE Support

iOS 6.1 focuses on bringing LTE support to a gaggle of global carriers, but also adds a few scattered tweaks for all iOS devices. The iOS-based Apple TV Software also gets an update.Show full article

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