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iPhone Software Development Kit Set for February 2008

Steve Jobs writes a short note assuring his interest in allowing third-party development of programs for the iPhone (and, by the way, iPod touch), reminding us sternly of how dangerous mobile phone viruses and malware are, and setting a date for release of the software toolkit: February 2008.

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Steve Jobs’s iPhone SDK Letter

For the record, here's Steve Jobs's letter announcing the iPhone SDK.

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Apple Goes with Orange

Apple chooses Orange as the French carrier for the iPhone, but interesting questions remain.

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3G Cell Data iPhone Now Feasible

Broadcom announces new third-generation cell chip that could be the core of a next-generation iPhone. Kitchen sink? You bet. Couple 3G with ARM processors, Bluetooth, stereo audio, and FM radio - and the fastest GSM-based 3G data protocols on the market.

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Nokia N800 Internet Tablet: iPhone without the Phone?

Many people claim they want the iPhone without the phone part, but the iPod touch seems to have a few too many limitations. What about Nokia's N800 Internet Tablet, which provides a full-featured Web browser on a Linux-based platform? Travis Butler looks deep into the N800 to see how it stacks up.

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Apple Nearing iPhone Third-Party Developer Announcement

Apple nears opening iPhone for third-party development, sources say. And although Apple has now opened a Web applications directory, that's not what the sources were talking about.

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Take Control News: New iPods Covered in Updated Take Control Ebook

We're pleased to announce a free update to "Take Control of Your iPod: Beyond the Music" 2.0.1, just a month after Apple released the new iPod nano, iPod classic, and iPod touch.

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Staff Roundtable: Apple Should Do No Harm to iPhones

Apple has come under fire for "bricking" unlocked iPhones - rendering them unusable - with the latest iPhone update. Is that reasonable behavior? Our editors universally think not, and they aren't wild about the way Apple has made it difficult to develop native applications for the iPhone either.

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Cheap UK Wi-Fi Access Offered for iPod touch

It's not free, but if you're a UK iPod touch user, you might want to look into The Cloud's inexpensive Wi-Fi access plan.

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iPhone 1.1.1 Adds Features and Updates Security

A new firmware release for the iPhone fixes numerous security problems, while adding subtle features, such as the iTunes Wi-Fi Music Store, and a switch that lets you avoid expensive overseas data charges.

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Amazon MP3 Takes on the iTunes Store

With the public beta of Amazon MP3, online retail giant is giving Apple's iTunes Store a run for its money. Is the elegance and breadth of the iTunes Store enough to beat Amazon MP3's DRM-free music, 256 Kbps encoding, and lower prices?

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InterviewBITS: Love/Hate with the iPhone

Now that more than one million iPhones have been sold, we decided to see what real-world iPhone users love and hate about their new digital companions. Read on to find out what our panel loved and hated, and share your own opinions on TidBITS Talk.

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Starbucks To Give Away 50 Million iTunes Songs

37 artists are featured in a 50 million song iTunes giveaway, tying Starbucks and Apple even more closely in the digital music realm.

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Glimpse of GPS Future in iPhone Hack

Navizon uses Wi-Fi to figure out where your iPhone is. Accuracy relies on a network of lightly rewarded volunteers, but the results give a picture of the future of location-based information on the iPhone.

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iPhone Launch Set for UK and Germany, with Murky Data Plan

Apple announces cell carrier O2 will sell the iPhone in the UK starting November 9 for £269 ($542) including VAT; T-Mobile will offer it for £399 ($562) in Germany. Going one better than AT&T, the UK and German services include unlimited data access to thousands of Wi-Fi hotspots along with EDGE. But O2, at least, defines unlimited data as having a strict limit.