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Is Crowdfunding the Future of Niche Books?

Editor Glenn Fleishman has launched a Kickstarter project to fund a book about crowdfunding. Hundreds of books have already raised the costs of production this way. Is this the future for any book outside the mainstream?

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The Long Tail Feeds Publishers

The story of the long tail explains how the Internet made all products in a given category equally available, regardless of how popular each item is. This produces sales for once-obscure items in sometimes significant amounts. But the long tail doesn't benefit individual creators. The lesson of the long tail is that publishers win.

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The Initial Response to Memberships Is a Warm Feeling

We launched paid membership on 12 December 2011, and have been enjoying reconnecting with old friends and meeting new readers. Our CSA model seems to be on the right track.

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Where Google+, Facebook, and Twitter Fall Down

Blurb: I’ve been thinking about Google+, the new social networking service from Google, for some time now, but only just now did my thoughts crystallize about where it fails, right along with all other social…

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Firefox 8.0

Offers more user control over add-ons, adds Twitter search, improves Web standards support. (Free, 29.5 MB)

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Choosing Between iCloud and iTunes Backup

iCloud lets you back up your iOS device's unique data, such as settings and documents, to Apple's Internet-based storage. But is that superior to being locked into backups via Wi-Fi or USB to a single copy of iTunes?

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Tim Cook Shares Apple’s Latest Numbers

Apple is on top of the world, and is happy to share the sales and download figures that prove it. Tune in for Apple’s latest stats.

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BBEdit 10.1 Further Enhances Text Editing

The powerful text editor gains a few new features that are mostly of interest to developers, but also boasts a slew of changes and bug fixes that everyone will appreciate.

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Steve Jobs Resigns as Apple CEO

The surprise news that Steve Jobs had resigned as CEO of Apple doesn’t change the company’s approach or future. But it’s still the end of a remarkable era guided by a singular vision.

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What Lion Means to the Mac User

If you’re reading this, Apple has, after much NDA-violating coverage of the pre-release versions, released Mac OS X 10.7 Lion, the latest version of Apple’s Macintosh operating system. But don’t worry, this isn’t a letter…

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Google+: So Close, Yet So Far

Blurb: For those who don’t pay attention to the social networking space, the big news of late was the release of yet another social networking service from Google. First there was Orkut (popular largely in…

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Update to Flash Player

Adobe has released an update to Flash Player that both fixes an important security vulnerability and provides automatic update notification for the future.

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Mac OS X Lion: What to Expect

Lion is coming. What will it be like? Apple has given us some major indications already; let’s analyze them so you'll have a sense of how to think about the features Apple shows off at next week's Worldwide Developers Conference.

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DRAFT: Firefox 4’s Web Console Solves Hidden Troubles

The Web Console panel in Firefox 4 lets you easily parse a massive amount of information about CSS and JavaScript errors, as well as see live network traffic. It's an aid for troubleshooting site design and connection oddities.

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DRAFT!! Who You Going To Trust? And Verify!

We store our data hither and yon, and see breaches of security nearly daily. How do we evaluate which firms, services, and products are worthy of our trust? It's a hard nut to crack unless we program all the code ourselves, and even that's not reliable.