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What to Do with an Old iPad

Fill in later

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Poor Reaction to Skype 5 for Mac

Skype 5 is an overhaul of the chat, voice, and video call program for Mac OS X. But not a good one. The company tried to make the software more Mac-friendly, but removed useful features while abusing screen territory and making the interface far harder to navigate.

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Apple Releases Smaller and Thinner iPods

Apple redesigned its entire line of iPods (except for the iPod classic, which is still available in the Apple Store), bringing cameras, FaceTime, and the Retina display to the iPod touch; a smaller size and touchscreen interface to the iPod nano; and (finally) buttons back to the iPod shuffle.

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Navigon Mobile Navigator 1.6

Looking for an iPhone app to provide weather conditions and forecasts that goes well beyond Apple's bundled Weather app? Adam, who cares deeply about past, present, and future weather, looks at his current iPhone weather app of choice, WeatherBug Elite.

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Skype 5.0 Beta Slips Backwards in Interface

The 5.0 beta of Skype for Mac OS X takes several steps backwards in the user interface without adding new functionality or improving ease of use. We hope there's time to influence the beta's outcome.

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ā€œTake Control of MobileMeā€ Guides You through Appleā€™s Cloud

Joe Kissellā€™s revised ebook about MobileMe explores the nooks and crannies of Appleā€™s cloud-based service, guides you through the latest MobileMe changes, and explains what they mean to you.

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Fixing the Google Account Problem

By: Drummond Reed Every so often you experience a technical problem you can’t find any information about and takes forever to solve. Then, after you finally solve it, you’re left scratching your head saying, “I…

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Early Days of Ping Disappoint

Among the significant announcements at Apple’s recent special media event was Ping, a social networking service for music that’s built into iTunes and the iTunes Store. In some ways, Ping has a huge head start…

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Hot Topics in TidBITS Talk/06-Aug-07

Find out what TidBITS readers are discussing this week!

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BBEdit 8.7 Bulks Up

BBEdit 8.7 improves text factories, AppleScript, file groups, disk browsers, and both Python and Lua language support.

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Pictures from the iPhone Line

I plan on standing in line this Friday night to buy an iPhone. Now, I have a professional reason for it, as I make money writing about computer technology

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Leopard Pushed to October 2007

Leopard will remain caged for a few more months. In a statement released last week, Apple announced that Mac OS X 10.5 Leopard will not be released until some time in October 2007

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VMware Fusion Beta 3 Draws New Parallels

Last week VMware released Beta 3 of its Fusion virtualization software for running Windows on an Intel-based Mac. Among several new features are two that are obvious attempts to overcome advantages offered by competitor Parallels Desktop: support for booting from a copy of Windows installed under Boot Camp and an Easy Install option to automate the process of running the Windows installer

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Take Control News/09-Apr-07

New Ebook Covers AirPort Networking with 802.11n -- 802.11n is a newcomer in the world of wireless networking standards, and it's also new in the version of the AirPort Extreme Base Station that Apple began shipping in February

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Online Backup Options Expand

A number of years ago, when the commercial Internet was still young and hard drive capacities were usually measured in megabytes rather than gigabytes or terabytes, I subscribed to an online backup service