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TidBITS Membership Ad-Removal Challenge Update

Membership revenues haven’t yet met the level necessary to eliminate banner ads and affiliate link redirectors from the TidBITS site — join in January to promote the concept of an ad-free Internet.Show full article

How to Move Your Music Off Rdio

Rdio’s shutdown has come and gone, but we explain how you can still export your data. Show full article

Momentum Brings Eye Candy to New Browser Tabs

With Momentum, a new Web browser tab goes from being a boring collection of site thumbnails or a blank screen to a splendid landscape photo adorned with a grab-bag of useful widgets.Show full article

iPad Pro Shows the Promise of iOS Productivity

The notion of an iPad as a productivity device is hardly new, but Apple’s tablets have been hampered by cramped screens, flaky add-on keyboards, and a lack of a decent stylus for those doing visual work. The new iPad Pro sweeps away these problems but is neither perfect nor cheap.Show full article

Alternatives to Apple’s Wi-Fi Base Stations

If you’re expanding a network, building a new one, or replacing gear, you might consider a couple of alternatives to Apple’s Wi-Fi routers. Or wait until the middle of 2016, when odds suggest updated base stations from Apple might arrive.Show full article

TidBITS Watchlist: Notable Software Updates for 4 January 2016

Notable software releases since our last issue include Quicken 2016 for Mac 3.0.3, PDFpen and PDFpenPro 7.3.4, DEVONthink/DEVONnote 2.8.8, Pixelmator 3.4.2, Tweetbot 2.3, Carbon Copy Cloner 4.1.6, ChronoSync 4.6.5, Dropbox 3.12.6, Evernote 6.3, and Typinator 6.8.Show full article

ExtraBITS for 4 January 2016

In our first ExtraBITS roundup of 2016, we remind our American readers to register their drones or face a hefty fine and possible imprisonment. Also, The Beatles are now available on most streaming services, Apple’s App Stores are under new management, and a writer in New Zealand explains the Apple TV’s woes in that country.Show full article

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