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There are weeks with themes, and then there are weeks like this, where there’s no commonality between our articles. We start with the announcement of four more locations and dates for the MacTech Boot Camp conference for consultants. Then Jeff Carlson writes about gfxCardStatus, a must-have utility for MacBook Pro owners, and Glenn Fleishman looks at the QuickMark 2D code application for the Mac. Next, we recently released version 1.4 of the TidBITS News iOS app, and Matt Neuburg uses its primary new feature to explain why adding multitasking to an app is harder than it would seem. Then Adam shares an upcoming behind-the-scenes change (a new From address for TidBITS in email) and looks into the geeky technical details behind it. Finally, Jeff Porten anchors the issue with a report from the .nxt conference on new top-level domain names—the question is, does anyone still care? Notable software releases this week include Skitch 1.0.3, Digital Camera Raw Compatibility Update 3.6, Evernote 2.0.4, CopyPaste Pro 3.0, 1Password 3.5.7, iWeb 3.0.3, and Adobe Acrobat/Reader 10.0.1.

Adam Engst No comments

MacTech Boot Camp Adds Four More Cities

Consultants and support techs looking for a conference that’s aimed as much at the business of helping people as the knowledge necessary to do so will be pleased to hear that there are now additional locations and dates for the MacTech Boot Camp.

Matt Neuburg No comments

TidBITS News App 1.4 Allows Background Audio

We’ve released a new version of the TidBITS News app that allows background audio to continue playing, pausing it only if the user starts listening to one of our article podcasts. While this isn’t a major feature, it’s an indication of how hard multitasking is to do right in iOS.

Jeff Porten 7 comments

Should We Care about New Top-Level Domains?

Playing the press fly on the wall, Jeff Porten listens in on the .nxt conference, where there’s much discussion of the wonderful future where .com, .edu, .org, and the many country top-level domains are joined by hundreds of others. But who still cares?