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In the fast moving world of Apple, you can never tell when Apple will fix an evil bug, offer something for free to owners of PowerBook 140s and 170s (new battery cases to prevent the batteries from catching fire), or even start a new promotion. All of those things happened this week, along with the late-breaking buyout of DataClub-maker IBS by network kingpin Novell. We also have an editorial on electronic privacy and a review preview of Nisus.

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To quote from the excellent movie "Spinal Tap," "it's a fine line between clever and stupid." I may have fallen off that fine line in writing TidBITS-114, because despite a few clues and hints, the fact that it was indeed our annual April Fools issue appears to have gone generally unnoticed

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Oops -- [Open cultural mouth, insert foot. R.P. Aditya writes to set me straight on my analogies in TidBITS-113. Thanks for the correction, I really do appreciate it

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DiskExpress II/SuperLaserSpool Conflict

DiskExpress II/SuperLaserSpool Conflict -- Jonathan Feinstein of Shrink2Fit Software has contacted us again to report an oddity that users of DiskExpress II and SuperLaserSpool 3.0 may face. DiskExpress II, a disk optimization system extension (actually, it's a control panel) from ALSoft puts up a dialog box the first time it runs on your computer during the startup process

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Tune-Up 1.1, Just Get It

Apple released version 1.1 of the System 7 Tune-Up extension last week, and they strongly recommend that everyone using System 7.0 or 7.0.1 use it. Tune-Up 1.1 replaces version 1.0, and you do not have to install 1.0 before 1.1 or anything strange like that

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Novell Buys IBS

Novell, long a leader in the DOS networking software market, announced today that they have purchased International Business Software, a Macintosh software company that publishes DataClub, a popular package that allows Macs to share portions of their hard drives as a single, network-wide "virtual server." IBS and Novell have been negotiating for the last few weeks and finalized the deal late last week

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Personal, Not Private

I'd call it chilling, but others may have even stronger words for a recent proposal which could reduce the moderate level of privacy currently enjoyed by American computer users (along with American phone users)

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PowerBook Freebie

Late last week, Apple announced to its dealers that it will be offering a free protective battery case to all existing PowerBook 140 and 170 customers, as well as including one of these cases with each PowerBook 140/170 and 140/170 battery sold in the future

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Apple Announces New Promotion

Special promotions seem to be all the rage at Apple these days, and Spring '92 will be no exception. Apple has just announced the new "Easy to Buy, Easy to Use" promotion, which will run from 15-Apr-92 until 5-Jul-92