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New products and updates! Adobe announces PageMaker 6.0, Peter Lewis revs his popular FTP client Anarchie, CE Software announces new pricing for educational users, the Yahoo Web catalog gives itself a face lift, and Claris ships Guy Kawasaki’s Emailer. We also bring you information on a new HyperCard virus, things to keep in mind when buying a mail-order Mac, and thoughts from Matt Neuburg on what a user should expect from commercial software.

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It’s a Whole New Yahoo

It's a Whole New Yahoo -- In news that made it all the way to CNN last week, Yahoo! Corporation - maintainers of arguably the most widely-used catalog of the World Wide Web - announced they will be introducing a new interface on 31-Jul-95, along with directly incorporating hourly wire service newsfeeds from Reuters

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Anarchie 1.6 Released

Anarchie 1.6 Released -- Peter Lewis has released version 1.6 of his popular Internet FTP client Anarchie. New in this version of Anarchie are Open Transport compatibility and a few interface enhancements (click the transfer indicator fields in the transfer progress windows, and almost everything in the About box is now hot) in addition to optional Simple Internet Version Control (SIVC)

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FWB Correction

FWB Correction -- The contact information given for FWB, Inc. in the article on quad-speed CD-ROMs last week in TidBITS-287 was partially incorrect. FWB's main phone number is 415/325-4392, with a fax number at 415/883-4655

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New Virus Targets HyperCard Stacks

Antiviral utility developers today announced the recent discovery of a virus that infects HyperCard stacks. The "HC-9507" virus infects HyperCard's Home stack when an infected stack is executed, and from there spreads to other running stacks and randomly-chosen stacks on the startup disk

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CE Goes to School

In the late 1970s and through the 1980s, Apple dominated the education market by donating computers to school districts and colleges, and by making many more available at steep discounts

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Let the Buyer Beware

There has been a recent spate of reports on the nets and to TidBITS regarding warranty service on Macintosh computers through third-party mail order vendors, such as those advertising in the backs of Mac trade magazines

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The User Over Your Shoulder – Malign Neglect

More than ten weeks after U.S. customers began receiving the Word 6.0.1 update, it became available in New Zealand. Anyone calling Microsoft from New Zealand was told they had to deal with Microsoft NZ, and then - airplanes be damned - it was popped on the slow boat to save a buck

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Claris Emailer Ships

[Claris announced last week that it has released Emailer, an all-in-one email application. The following text is excerpted and edited from Adam's just-released Internet Starter Kit for Macintosh, Third Edition