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Jeff Carlson

Jeff Carlson

Jeff Carlson gave up an opportunity to intern at a design firm during college because he suspected that they really just wanted someone tall to play on their volleyball team, and instead worked in the Whitworth publications office where he got to actually, you know, design stuff. In the intervening years, he's been a designer and writer, authoring best-selling books on the Macintosh, Web design, video editing, and Palm organizers. He's currently a columnist for the Seattle Times, contributing editor to the respected electronic newsletter TidBITS, and consumes almost too much coffee. Almost.

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“Take Control of Your Digital Photos,” Chapter 1

We’re drowning in digital photos. Too often, the shots are dumped into a computer with the best of intentions of sorting and organizing, but are then left scarcely examined or enjoyed. Life intrudes, more photos are captured, and time passes until you need to locate some shots that you vaguely remember taking. It doesn’t have to be that way, as Jeff Carlson explains in the introduction to “Take Control of Your Digital Photos.”

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How to Relocate a Dropbox Subfolder to Another Disk

Jeff Carlson wanted to use Dropbox’s Camera Upload feature for automatically copying photos from iOS devices, cameras, and memory cards, but doing so would fill up his 256 GB SSD with image files. Instead, he created a symbolic link (symlink) in Mac OS X to relocate the Camera Uploads folder to a separate volume.

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Alexander Graham Bell Speaks from Wax Recording

When we think of old communications technology, many of us picture 10Base-2 coax connectors or maybe 2400 baud modems. But what about wax-covered cardboard discs? The Smithsonian discovered and digitized such a disc containing the voice of Alexander Graham Bell saying, "Hear my voice, Alexander Graham Bell." Now you can hear what the inventor of the telephone sounded like on 15 April 1885.

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Aperture 3.4.4

Bug fix release addresses problems while importing and uploading photos, along with overall stability and performance. ($79.99 new, free update, 523.15 MB)

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Panic Discovers a Tiny Computer in Lightning AV Adapter

Stymied by oddities when outputting video from an iPad to an HDTV, the folks at Panic took a hacksaw to Apple’s Lightning Digital AV Adapter to investigate. To their surprise, they found what appears to be a miniature computer, complete with a processor and 2 gigabits of RAM (for reference, that equals 256 MB of RAM, the same amount shipped in the original iPad). Panic’s initial speculation was that the processor was outputting an AirPlay signal (which would partially explain some compression artifacts that appear on screen). However, an anonymous but apparently knowledgeable commenter, who sounds like he or she works at Apple, explained that the adapter’s approach “essentially allows us to output to any device on the planet, irregardless of the endpoint bus (HDMI, DisplayPort, and any future inventions) by simply producing the relevant adapter that plugs into the Lightning port.” See for yourself!

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Kindle App Updates Demonstrate iOS App Store Flaw

Updating to version 3.6.1 of the Kindle app removed books from your device and marked them as New when you re-downloaded them from Amazon’s cloud. Fortunately, a quick 3.6.2 update fixed the issue. But why would this come up in the first place?

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250,000 Twitter Users Affected by Data Breach

Twitter reset the passwords for 250,000 users last week after it became aware of numerous unauthorized access attempts. According to Twitter’s Director of Information Security Bob Lord “…attackers may have had access to limited user information – usernames, email addresses, session tokens and encrypted/salted versions of passwords” for a quarter of a million accounts. Although it would be inconvenient to have someone else posting to your account, the greater danger is to people who reuse passwords among other services. As always, we recommend creating strong passwords, preferably using tools such as 1Password or LastPass.

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Apple’s $13.1 Billion Profit for Q1 2013 Dismays Analysts

Citing constrained iMac availability and a shorter reporting quarter, Apple managed to come within one percent of last year’s profit-per-share mark, as well as bring in record revenues of more than $54 billion. For many analysts, this was not enough.

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Vincible: iMore on What Apple Faces in 2013

At iMore, Rene Ritchie looks at the fusillades being thrown at Apple so far in 2013 — endless nonsensical punditry, rumors of iPhone production cutbacks, possible stock price manipulation — and how everyone is attacking the supposedly invincible market leader. He argues that Apple is fighting against psychology as much as competing products, and points out the company’s edge. Ritchie writes: “But here’s the thing — Apple has been here before. They’ve been to the very bottom, and they came back. Apple knows they’re beatable — that everyone is beatable — and they know how to fight their way back. It’s part of them now.”

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The Insourcing Boom and Apple’s Influence

Some companies, such as GE, are unexpectedly shifting manufacturing from China to the United States. Although Apple isn’t mentioned in an article in The Atlantic about the trend, the reasons for the shift are undoubtedly Apple-inspired.

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Tim Cook Opens Up in First Extended Interview

More than a year after becoming Apple CEO, Tim Cook has granted an extended interview with Bloomberg Business that reveals more personal detail. Although it’s clear that Cook isn’t baring his soul — he’s very savvy about reinforcing Apple’s marketing messages and knows how to evade tricky questions — we do get a better sense of how this normally private man is dealing with the massive attention being Apple’s CEO brings.

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iTunes 11 Thinks Different about iOS Devices

In the interest of simplicity, iTunes 11 changes how you access your iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch. Jeff Carlson explains what has changed, and how to go back to the sidebar control of previous versions of iTunes.

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Thoughts about the iPad mini for Photographers

Apple says the iPad mini is “every inch an iPad,” but does that apply for photographers who want to replace the laptop in their camera bag with the new tablet?

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Forstall, Browett Leaving Apple in Management Shakeup

Citing the desire for “changes that will encourage even more collaboration between the Company’s world-class hardware, software and services teams,” Apple announced that Senior Vice President of iOS Software Scott Forstall is leaving the company in 2013. Also packing up, apparently immediately, is Senior Vice President of Retail John Browett, with CEO Tim Cook taking over his duties until a new head of retail operations can be hired. Meanwhile, other Apple senior vice presidents are taking on additional responsibilities. Industrial designer Jonathan Ive will start working with software teams to “provide leadership and direction for Human Interface (HI) across the company.” Eddy Cue of Internet Software and Services assumes responsibility for Siri and Maps, in addition to overseeing the iTunes Store, the App Store, the iBookstore, and iCloud. Craig Federighi, who formerly headed up Mac Software Engineering, will also lead iOS development. And Bob Mansfield, who abruptly retired in June 2012 only to return in an unspecified role a short time later, will lead a new Technologies group that combines all of Apple’s wireless groups.

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Analysts Disappointed in Apple’s $8.2 Billion Q4 2012 Profit

Apple earned $8.2 billion on revenues of $36 billion for the most recent fiscal quarter, which prompted analysts to figure out why the company performed so ‘poorly’ compared to their predictions, and why the iPad mini is priced starting at $329.