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Category: Problem Solving

Glenn Fleishman No comments

For Want of a File, an Operating System Was Lost

Glenn finds that Leopard heads into an infinite Setup Assistant loop due to a single damaged file. He feels like a Windows user for a moment: the only way out is to reinstall the operating system.

Joe Kissell No comments

Word 2008 and the Paste Plain Text Dance

Pasting plain text in Word 2008 turned out to be weirdly complicated. I found one way of doing it, though, that doesn't rely on third-party utilities, and there may be others.

Mark H. Anbinder No comments

When Is a Warranty Not a Warranty?

When you're buying a hardware add-on for your Mac, features and price are key factors, but what about warranty? If your accessory fails, will the manufacturer replace it? We explore what consumers need to know about the differences from one manufacturer's warranty to the next - looking not just at the number of years you're covered, but the number of days, or weeks, you might have to wait for service.

Tonya Engst No comments

Quick Fix for a Mac Typing in the Wrong Language

If you find that your Mac unexpectedly starts typing in a different character set, such as Greek or Arabic, the explanation may be simple.

Rich Mogull No comments

Intuit Alienates Mac Users With QuickBooks Fiasco

Intuit releases a patch to close the door on the QuickBooks data-destruction update fiasco. But is it time to move to alternative small business accounting software? Rich Mogull thinks so.

Mark H. Anbinder No comments

Update Fixes Unresponsive Laptop Keyboards

The MacBook, MacBook Pro Software Update 1.1 deals with a problem with laptop keyboards becoming unresponsive, often for a minute or more.

Adam Engst No comments

MacTech Benchmarks Parallels Desktop and VMware Fusion

Gone are the days of glacial PC emulation, but which of the two virtualization programs for Intel-based Macs - Parallels Desktop and VMware Fusion - offers better performance in Windows? And is it different in XP versus Vista?

TidBITS Staff No comments

Leopard Compatibility List Updated

Curious about what programs have been updated for Leopard? Look inside for a list of the important or interesting programs that specifically claim Leopard compatibility.

Jeff Carlson No comments

QuickTime 7.3.1 Fixes RTSP Vulnerability

Apple has released QuickTime 7.3.1, a security update that patches a potentially serious exploit that could enable unauthorized access to your Mac.

Glenn Fleishman No comments

LogMeIn for Mac Released

The remote control software LogMeIn Free for Mac has been released. It allows remote viewing and control of Macs and Windows systems, even those behind private network gateways.

Rich Mogull No comments

Protect Yourself from the QuickTime RTSP Vulnerability

Worried about the new zero-day QuickTime security hole? There's no fix from Apple yet, so read on for tips on how you can protect your Mac.

Matt Neuburg No comments

Transparent Menu Bar, Die Die Die!

The transparent menu bar has fallen, a victim of hackers' ingenuity. Users, rejoice!

Rich Mogull No comments

A Simple Hack To Fix Leopard’s Stacks

Frustrated by how Spaces uses meaningless document icons in the Dock? Rich Mogull points you to the solution.

Glenn Fleishman Rich Mogull No comments

Mac OS X 10.5.1 Fixes Numerous Leopard Flaws

Apple releases Mac OS X 10.5.1, the first update to Leopard, and fixes problems with Back to My Mac, Mail, and Finder data loss when moving files among partitions and networked volumes. It also makes one cosmetic change to the application firewall while fixing a problem that bit Skype users and adding more security.

Adam Engst No comments

Clean Up Messy Folders with Hazel

If you find yourself with folders whose contents need to be sorted, deleted, renamed, or otherwise wrangled, Noodlesoft's Hazel can do the job quickly and quietly, in the background, day in and day out.