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Marc Zeedar 46 comments

The Problem With Abandoned Apps

A growing scrap heap of abandoned iOS apps is creating a troubling environment for developers. Marc Zeedar, publisher of xDev Magazine, explores the situation.

Adam Engst 49 comments

FileMaker Closes the Lid on Bento

Despite selling over one million units, FileMaker Inc. has announced that it is discontinuing its personal database product Bento. Adam Engst delves into the details, and suggests that the moral of the story is that we users must constantly be vigilant when relying on an app or service to make sure we have an exit strategy.

Alicia Katz Pollock 3 comments

Bento 4.1.2 Loses Live Data Links with Calendar and iPhoto

An update to the Bento personal database program changes how the app integrates with iPhoto and Calendar/iCal. Be careful to make sure you don’t lose necessary capabilities unexpectedly.

Adam Engst No comments

Making Contact with Contacts

Contacts is much more than Grandma’s little black book, and its integration with your Mac gives it a lot of flexibility. For what it can’t do, others have picked up its slack.

Agen Schmitz No comments

Bento 4.1.1

Adds compatibility with updated Bento 4 for iPad app. ($49.99 new with limited-time $29.99 discount, free update, 98.6 MB)

Steve McCabe 10 comments

FileMaker Go Brings FileMaker Databases to iOS

Ever wanted to access a FileMaker database on your iPhone or iPad? The solution to that problem is FileMaker Go, but you may need to modify your database to make it useable, particularly on the iPhone’s small screen.

Adam Engst 1 comment

Noteboom Productions Sponsoring TidBITS

Please welcome our latest TidBITS sponsor, Noteboom Productions, makers of video tutorials for the Mac and iPad!

Lex Friedman 6 comments

Bento 4.0.2

Introduces new printing options, makes data sharing easier, and adds numerous other improvements. ($49 new, $29 upgrade)

Kirk McElhearn 74 comments

Is iTunes Bloated?

Apple has shoehorned every feature short of the kitchen sink into the increasingly misnamed iTunes - surely that means the program is a classic example of bloatware? Or is it? Kirk McElhearn, who has written numerous articles and books about iTunes, examines the charges that iTunes is bloated to see if they're valid.

Mark H. Anbinder 11 comments

Bento for iPad Not Just a Bigger Box

Many early iPad apps are little more than what you'd get running an iPhone app with its pixels doubled - stretched-out user interfaces with more space, but nothing new. Not so for the Bento personal database app, available now for your shiny new iPad.

Doug McLean No comments

TidBITS Watchlist: Notable Software Updates through 05-Oct-09

Notable software releases this week include ClickToFlash 1.5.3, BlackBerry Desktop Manager for Mac 1.0, VMware Fusion 2.0.6, Camino 1.6.10, Growl 1.2, BusyCal 1.0, PDFpen 4.5, Typinator 3.6, Bento 3, and iWork '09 Update 3.

Mark H. Anbinder No comments

FileMaker Reaches iPhone with $4.99 Bento App

Want to keep track of your golf scores, your vintage vinyl album collection, or your shopping list while on the go? FileMaker, Inc. has just released Bento for iPhone and iPod touch, a handheld version of the company's affordable Mac database application that works on its own or syncs with your desktop databases.

Doug McLean No comments

TidBITS Watchlist: Notable Software Updates for 08-Dec-08

Notable software releases this week include BusySync 2.1.9, Bento 2.0v3, and QuickTime 7.5.7.

Doug McLean No comments

TidBITS Watchlist: Notable Software Updates for 20-Oct-08

Notable software releases so far this week include Apple's Migration and DVD/CD Sharing Update, Typinator 3.2, Mac HelpMate 2.6, Undercover 2.5, OpenOffice 3.0, Flash Player 10, Live Interior 3D 2.0, and Bento 2.0.

Jeff Carlson No comments

Hot Topics in TidBITS Talk/25-Aug-08

This week's discussions are all over the map, and it's a good map to follow. Readers discuss the latest Microsoft Office upgrades, archiving a Time Capsule, several aspects of MobileMe, and more.