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Michael E. Cohen 5 comments

iBooks StoryTime Brings Read-Aloud Books to Apple TV

Want your kids to turn off the TV and open a book? Apple’s iBooks StoryTime for Apple TV gives your kids a counter-argument. But screen time concerns remain.

Josh Centers 9 comments

Apple’s TV App Seeks to Unify the Apple TV Experience

Apple’s upcoming TV app for tvOS 10 and iOS 10 will streamline your viewing experience and make it easier to find things to watch. Unfortunately, not all content providers are on board.

Josh Centers 2 comments

Apple Discontinues Third-Generation Apple TV

In a move that should surprise no one, Apple has discontinued the third-generation Apple TV. Apple has been phasing out the four-year-old streaming device for months, and it has been a long time since Apple updated its pre-tvOS software. You may still be able to buy a refurbished third-generation Apple TV, but with no future support planned, we can’t recommend it. Those looking for a streaming video box should instead look at the fourth-generation Apple TV or a streaming video device from Amazon or Roku. We hope Apple will reduce the price of the fourth-generation Apple TV to make up for the loss of the $69 older model and get it into more homes.

Josh Centers 10 comments

Apple Overhauls the Apple TV Remote App

Apple has released a new Remote app for the fourth-generation Apple TV. “Take Control of Apple TV” author Josh Centers covers what’s new and what’s missing.

Julio Ojeda-Zapata 7 comments

Sling TV, a Cord Cutter’s Delight, Arrives on Apple TV

The Sling TV service offers cable-style programming over the Internet at a lower cost, but a lack of Apple TV compatibility has kept many users away. Sling TV has now released an Apple TV app with a revamped interface. Julio Ojeda-Zapata reviews the app.

Julio Ojeda-Zapata No comments

NASA Delights Space Geeks with New Apple TV App

NASA has released an Apple TV app that is sure to keep space geeks busy for weeks. The app for the fourth-generation Apple TV has images, video, satellite tracking, and even a radio station with a pop soundtrack.

Josh Centers No comments

Control Your Apple TV from CiderTV’s iPhone Widget

CiderTV offers an interesting suite of remote apps for your Apple TV, but what makes it worth installing is the Today View widget offered by the iOS app.

Josh Centers No comments

WWDC App Adds Apple TV Version

With the Worldwide Developer Conference coming up on 13 June 2016, Apple has updated its iOS WWDC app with a version for the fourth-generation Apple TV. That’s less compelling for WWDC attendees, who will be most interested in the app’s maps of the venues and a schedule of events. For Apple developers not attending WWDC, though, the app will provide live streams of sessions and the Apple TV support will make watching easier to do in the living room. Considering the number of developers who don’t win the WWDC ticket lottery, we’re glad to see Apple improving the experience of not being there for those who can’t make it.

Josh Centers 3 comments

Amazon Playing Hardball on Apple TV App

Even though Amazon has previously hinted at making a Prime Video app for the Apple TV, don’t hold your breath for it to appear anytime soon. When asked at this year’s Code Conference why Amazon doesn’t sell streaming media boxes from Apple and Google, Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos said, “When we sell [streaming] devices, we want our player — our Prime Video player — to be on the device, and we want it to be on the device with acceptable business terms.” As many have suspected, there appears to be some concession Amazon wants from Apple before releasing an Apple TV app. What that could be is unknown; Apple does require a 30 percent cut of sales made through apps, but Amazon could easily circumvent that by requiring users to sign up for Amazon Prime outside the app.

Josh Centers 2 comments

BitTorrent Live Brings a Weird Selection of Free Content to Apple TV

The BitTorrent Live app offers some obscure cable channels to Apple TV owners, for free. While the selection is truly odd, there’s a little something for everyone.

Josh Centers 2 comments

With tvOS 9.2, the Fourth-Generation Apple TV Hits 1.0

The tvOS 9.2 update brings many much-requested features to the fourth-generation Apple TV, such as Home screen folders, Bluetooth keyboard support, voice dictation, iCloud Photo Library with Live Photos, and more.

Josh Centers No comments

Apple Updates Third-Generation Apple TV to 7.2.1

The fourth-generation Apple TV may now be the crown jewel of Apple’s living room efforts, but the company hasn’t forgotten about the previous model, releasing Apple TV 7.2.1 for the third-generation Apple TV. The update doesn’t appear to add any new features, but it offers the standard “general performance and stability improvements” and 33 security updates. If the update isn’t pushed to your Apple TV automatically, you can initiate it in Settings > General > Update Software.

Josh Centers 8 comments

Four Alternatives to iCloud Photos on the Apple TV

The fourth-generation Apple TV may be new, but the built-in Photos album is stuck in the past. Josh Centers offers four alternatives that let you view your photos on your TV.

Josh Centers 1 comment

VLC Lets You Cache Videos on Apple TV

For those who have trouble streaming video to the fourth-generation Apple TV, the new VLC app offers a solution, but only if the video isn’t encumbered by DRM.

Glenn Fleishman 9 comments

Channels App Adds Live TV to the Apple TV’s Capabilities

The tvOS Channels app works with popular over-the-air broadcast tuners to let you view live television on your fourth-generation Apple TV. Couple that with streaming apps and a mix of other software for recording live TV and you can build a complete solution for watching all types of television programming within the Apple TV