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Category: Vision Pro

Marc Zeedar 23 comments

Apple’s Vision Pro Is Compelling… In the Future

Self-professed “sucker for gadgets” Marc Zeedar shares his experiences with the Vision Pro, which are largely positive despite some awkward interactions due to needing to wear hard contacts.

Adam Engst 47 comments

Vision Pro Value Poll Results: $500–$1000 or Nothing

The top answer in last week’s poll suggests that many TidBITS readers consider the Vision Pro to be equivalent in value to an iPhone, iPad, or external display and thus worth between $500 and $1000. Nearly as many people said they wouldn’t buy one at any price.

Adam Engst 14 comments

Is the Vision Pro Too Immersive?

Nick Bilton worries about a day when our desire for the dopamine hit of Vision Pro-augmented makes all other devices feel flat and dull.

Adam Engst 53 comments

TidBITS Poll: How Much Would You Pay for a Vision Pro?

Yes, the Vision Pro is expensive, but as many as 200,000 people believe it's worth the price. How about you? Please vote in our poll.

Adam Engst 3 comments

Art Authority Sponsoring TidBITS

Please welcome our latest long-term TidBITS sponsor, Art Authority, whose most recent project is the new Art Authority Museum, an immersive virtual museum for Vision Pro.

Adam Engst 55 comments

Impressions and Thoughts from Early Vision Pro Reviews

After reading and watching reviews of Apple’s just-released Vision Pro, Adam Engst came away with some initial impressions and thoughts about the near and far future of the product.

Adam Engst 52 comments

Apple Vision Pro Arrives 2 February 2024

Apple has announced that pre-orders for its Vision Pro “spatial computer” will open on 19 January 2024, with the headset shipping two weeks later. Will you be ordering one?

Adam Engst 12 comments

Solve Myopia in a Pinch with an iPhone

Faced with the need to find his glasses in a dark house, the nearsighted Adam Engst discovers that holding the iPhone in front of his face with the flash-enabled Camera app running lets him see perfectly. 

Adam Engst 68 comments

Apple Vision Pro Evokes Deep Ambivalence

During the WWDC keynote, Apple unveiled the Vision Pro, its long-rumored mixed-reality headset. Adam Engst looks at what it is, what it’s good for, and who will want to use it. He also ponders some of the implications should it become popular.