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Camo Studio 2.0.5 Agen Schmitz No comments

Camo Studio 2.0.5

Adds 4K resolution and green screen support to the virtual-camera system. ($39.99 annual subscription, free update, 44.5 MB, macOS 10.13+)

Camo Studio 2.0.3 Agen Schmitz No comments

Camo Studio 2.0.3

Expands support for virtual cameras built to work with DSLRs and GoPros. ($39.99 annual subscription, free update, 42.3 MB, macOS 10.13+)

Camo Studio 2.0.1 Agen Schmitz No comments

Camo Studio 2.0.1

Major upgrade for the virtual-camera system that now supports any webcam, connected pro camera, Continuity Camera device, and more. ($39.99 annual subscription, free update, 42.1 MB, macOS 10.13+)

Adam Engst 12 comments

Center Cam Solves Webcam Eye Contact Problem

Center Cam puts a tiny webcam on a thin gooseneck stalk such that you can position it right over another person’s video window, ensuring that watching them makes it seem that you’re looking them in the eye. If only it weren’t so sensitive to light.

Camo Studio 1.9 Agen Schmitz No comments

Camo Studio 1.9

Virtual-camera system adds support for connecting your iOS device to your computer via Wi-Fi. ($39.99 annual subscription, free update, 32.6 MB, macOS 10.13+)

Camo Studio 1.8 Agen Schmitz No comments

Camo Studio 1.8

Adds several new features to the virtual-camera system, including adjustable frame rate controls and Smart Zoom. ($39.99 annual subscription, free update, 30.4 MB, macOS 10.13+)

Camo Studio 1.7.1 Agen Schmitz No comments

Camo Studio 1.7.1

Enables you to choose to use audio from any microphone connected to your Mac. ($39.99 annual subscription, free update, 29.8 MB, macOS 10.13+)

Camo Studio 1.7 Agen Schmitz No comments

Camo Studio 1.7

Brings a new overlay editor for creating customizable text, shapes, images, and colored overlays. ($39.99 annual subscription, free update, 29.1 MB, macOS 10.13+)

Camo Studio 1.6.4 Agen Schmitz 1 comment

Camo Studio 1.6.4

Brings native compatibility with Safari, FaceTime, and QuickTime when using macOS 12.3 Monterey or later. ($39.99 annual subscription, free update, 29.1 MB, macOS 10.13+)

Josh Centers 8 comments

Why Are Webcams So Lousy?

Why does the image quality from computer webcams compare so poorly to even the front-facing cameras on old iPhones? Jeff Carlson explores the economics of webcams and points out all the ways they’re bad.

Adam Engst 64 comments

27-inch iMac Receives Significant Update, Other iMacs Get a Nod

At long last, Apple has updated the workhorse of its desktop Mac line, the 27-inch iMac with Retina 5K display. The new iMac features faster Intel processors, a higher RAM ceiling, next-generation graphics chips, more storage, and Apple’s T2 security chip. Also welcome will be a 1080p FaceTime HD camera, an option for nano-texture glass, and better speakers and mics.

Glenn Fleishman 32 comments

Turn Your iPhone into a Powerful Webcam with Camo

A new system from Reincubate lets you use your iPhone’s camera as a virtual camera for your Mac, giving you a higher-quality option for videoconferencing services and other video apps. Plus, Camo provides unprecedented control over the iPhone camera’s settings and features.

Josh Centers 10 comments

Feeling Paranoid? Micro Snitch Tells You If Your Mac Is Spying on You

If you’re afraid that your webcam may be spying on you, Micro Snitch from Objective Development monitors your Mac’s webcam and microphone, alerting you when an app activates them and maintaining a log of all activity.

Josh Centers 15 comments

Don’t Close Your MacBook with a Webcam Cover Attached

If you use a physical webcam cover on a MacBook, Apple wants you to know that shutting the lid with the cover attached could damage your screen.

Josh Centers 9 comments

The 2020 MacBook Air’s FaceTime HD Camera Is Still Lousy

Joanna Stern took the 2020 MacBook Air webcam for a spin, comparing it to other popular laptop webcams and a 2010 MacBook Pro, and found that, while they’re all terrible in comparison with an iPhone 11, Apple’s laptop webcams haven’t improved much in the past decade.