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Zoom 5.7.3 Agen Schmitz No comments

Zoom 5.7.3

Consolidates the Search and Jump To bars into a single unified search. (Free, 25.3 MB, macOS 10.10.9+)

Zoom 5.7 Agen Schmitz No comments

Zoom 5.7

Brings a variety of new features and improvements to the video conferencing app. (Free, 25.3 MB, macOS 10.9+)

Zoom 5.6.4 Agen Schmitz 1 comment

Zoom 5.6.4

Adds the Vanishing Pen annotation tool and the Immersive View feature. (Free, 24 MB, macOS 10.9+)

Adam Engst 10 comments

Stanford Research Explains and Helps Prevent Zoom Fatigue

Do you find it tiring to spend a lot of time on video calls? You’re not alone—pretty much everyone does. A Stanford University researcher has now figured out exactly why… and what you can do about it.

Zoom 5.6.1 Agen Schmitz No comments

Zoom 5.6.1

Enhances the three-way Zoom Phone calling feature and improves chat searches for @mentions. (Free, 24 MB, macOS 10.9+)

Zoom 5.5.5 Agen Schmitz No comments

Zoom 5.5.5

Introduces a custom gallery view order that can be utilized even when non-video participants are hidden. (Free, 24.2 MB, macOS 10.9+)

Zoom 5.5.1 Agen Schmitz 2 comments

Zoom 5.5.1

Enables meeting hosts to play a video file as shared content and adds a blurred background option. (Free, 24.1 MB, macOS 10.9+)

Glenn Fleishman 27 comments

How to Give Presentations and Demo Apps in Zoom

Master the techniques necessary to present slide decks, images, and demonstrations in Zoom by sidestepping limitations in presentation software and learning how to configure some of Zoom’s more fiddly settings.

Zoom 5.4.7 Agen Schmitz No comments

Zoom 5.4.7

Adds compatibility with M1-based Macs and brings enhanced cloud contact integration for chat/call features. (Free, 23.3 MB, macOS 10.9+)

Zoom 5.4.4 Agen Schmitz No comments

Zoom 5.4.4

Adds the capability to share multiple desktop programs during a meeting instead of just a window or screen. (Free, 23.0 MB, macOS 10.9+)

Zoom 5.4.1 Agen Schmitz No comments

Zoom 5.4.1

Improves Join Before Host settings and introduces end-to-end encryption as a technical preview. (Free, 23.9 MB, macOS 10.9+)

Zoom 5.3 Agen Schmitz No comments

Zoom 5.3

Maintenance update for the videoconferencing app with a variety of improvements and bug fixes. (Free, 22.6 MB)

Zoom 5.2.2 Agen Schmitz 1 comment

Zoom 5.2.2

Videoconferencing app adds a high-fidelity audio mode and custom gallery view organization. (Free, 21.5 MB)

Adam Engst 12 comments

Take Control Tackles Big Sur, iOS 14, and Zoom

Get ready for macOS 11 Big Sur, iOS 14, and iPadOS 14, and learn more about Zoom videoconferencing with four new and updated titles from Take Control.

Julio Ojeda-Zapata 3 comments

Juggle Video Meetings More Easily with Meeter and Fantastical

Videoconferencing has surged during the pandemic, and keeping track of meetings on multiple platforms is a hassle. Julio Ojeda-Zapata tried two software tools, Meeter and Fantastical, that promise to make this juggling act easier.